We welcome into the activities of the WRF entire denominations, individual congregations, and parachurch organizations which share our theological commitments as those commitments are expressed in the following Reformed confessions:

  • The Belgic Confession 
  • The Canons of Dort 
  • The Gallican Confession 
  • The Heidelberg Catechism 
  • The London Confession of 1689 
  • The Savoy Declaration 
  • The Second Helvetic Confession 
  • The Thirty Nine Articles 
  • The Westminster Confession of Faith 
  • The WRF Statement of Faith 

We also welcome into the WRF individuals who share our theological commitments even if the churches or fellowships of which those individuals are a part may not share those commitments. We believe that such individuals have much to gain from and much to give to the WRF. More importantly, we believe that including such individuals in the WRF is an expression of the universal visible church of Jesus Christ.

  • While there are no required membership fees in the World Reformed Fellowship we request:
  • that our U. S. denominational and congregational members contribute US$ 00.10 per communicant member per year
  • that our U.S. organizational members contribute US$1. per full-time employee per year
  • that our U.S. individual members contribute US$20. per year
  • that those living outside the United States contribute appropriate amounts in light of the cost of living in those countries. One guide to cost of living in countries other than the USA may be found here - Anyone who is unsure how to evaluate what amount you should donate you may contact the Associate International Director for specific suggestions (

You may use the PayPal or Piryx facility on the website ( to send these contributions directly to the WRF.

Thank you for your interest in the World Reformed Fellowship.


Please, begin by selecting the type of membership for which you are applying, whether individual, or on behalf of a congregation, organization or denomination.

  • Once you complete, review and submit your application, you will receive an email  confirming that your application was received 
  • After your application has been reviewed you will immediately receive one email providing the login and password (make sure to write down the login and password and check your spam box if you do not receive the email) and another email with our welcome and further details.
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